Born in Jerusalem (1975), Tom Tlalim started his career as a guitarist/songwriter in bands around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem’s underground scene. He soon developed a unique style pouring jazz and contemporary influences into his arrangements, while maintaining a rough punk attitude. Alongside performing, he went on to develop a career in composition for film, collaborating with leading directors, on some award-winning films.

Tlalim’s interest in unconventional musical structures lead him to study composition. He studied with different teachers and in various institutions including Professor Arie Shapira, Jean-Claude Jones, Rimon School of jazz and contemporary music, the institure of Sonology and the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where He aquired Masters degrees in Composition and Sonology.

Since 2000, Tlalim has been composing in The Netherlands for ensembles and individuals including MAE, SOIL, POW ensemble, and the Dutch Vocal Laoratory, Karolina Bäter, and Krista Vincent. He has done research several at STEIM, which he has presented in different contexts including STEIM, The Upgrade, TAG and the SuperCollider symposium.

Alongside his composition work, Tlalim has performed and presented audiovisual installations on stages in Europe and outside of it, such as TodaysArt (NL) Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK) DEAF (NL) Audio Art Festival (PL), ResonanceFM (UK), Piksel (NO), BimHuis(NL), State-X new forms (NL), The Oud festival (IL), and Cerkno jazz festival (SLO).

He co-curates the annual Noisecape festival in The Hague, and events in collaboration with POW ensemble (, TAG (, as well as editing and presenting a radio show on new and experimental music, together with Jan Truetzschler. Tlalim has collaborated with many known artist and musicians including Luc Houtkamp, Guy Harries, Joseph Bowie (Defunkt), DJ DNA (Urban Dance Squad), Richard Barrett, Gilles Aubry, Voldemars Johansons, saxophonist Keir Neuringer, DJ sniff, and others.

Tlalim’s underground starting point is still reflected in his approach to contemporary music as he investigates noise, feedback, overdrive, spatial paradigms, control structures, the human voice and poetry. He writes his music programs in SuperCollider and builds instruments to control them, researches implements algorithmic composition ideas. His music is normally a product of extensive research into a text or theme, which later is used to generate coded meaning.

Tlalim has released his music on labels such as X-OR, Vita records, pit/kit and Nana disc.


MA Composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, MA Sonology, Diploma Sonology Course at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague, private composition lessons with Prof. Arie Shapira Jazz and composition at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, Tel Aviv 10 years Classical and jazz Guitar with A. Benari, A. Strauss, E. Turgeman, Y. Levi, E. Ram, J.C. Jones Givat Gonen high school in Jerusalem - majoring in Fine Art


ArsMemoria (rec)

Extended Recorder techniques and time-stretched recordings superimposed here on long panoramic images by London-based photographer Shira Klasmer, who captures motion on still photographs, drawing long stretches of film through an open-shutter camera.

Premiered; November 2008

Performance; Karolina Bäter, recorders; Tom Tlalim, computer;


An installation based on a composition environment for control over masses of musical parameters using spatial paradigms as metaphorical placeholders for information. In collaboration with Voldemars Johansons

Premiered; November 2005.

Impulse Stretch Feedback Resonance

For solo Live Electronics

Draws influence from gestalt concepts regarding perception and pattern recognition. Physical/practical processes related to performance technique, decision-making and the various limitations of the instrument, constitute the raw material to be transformed during the structure of this composition.

Premiered; January 2007

Performance; Tom Tlalim, computer

Commission by MAE and live electronics. A research into the movement of sound through space.
Premiered; January 2006
Performance; MAE as part of the program
sound basics

Wallpaper Mother

For Soprano, Saxophone quartet and electronics, a music theater production inspired by poet Anne Sexton

Premiered; May, 2005

Performance; the Dutch Vocal Laboratory; Python Saxophone Quartet;Production; Korzo Music Production (Korzo theater)

Sleeping in the Arms of Childhood

For 4 computers and voice Based on Samai form (from classical Arabic music), and ancient Muslim and Jewish poems

Premiered; May 2004, Theater aan het Spui, The Hague, NL Performance; POW ensemble

Like Some Sleeping Jellyfish

For 2 Mezzo-Sopranos, Based on the tragic story of Sleeping Beauty as told by the American poet Anne Sexton

Premiered; April 2004, The Royal Conservatory, The Hague, NL Performance; Dutch Vocal Lab

Structure#1, 2 & 3

3 live video and sound pieces utilizing SuperCollider programming language to generate algorithmic structures

Premiered; Piksel 2004, Bergen, NO Performance; TangieRCluJ


A tape composition done using various feedback techniques and various Arabic Rhythmical scales

Premiered; April 2003, The Institute of Sonology, The Hague, NL Nei samples; Nir Prizant

In Conflict1; In Conflict2

Two tape compositions springing from common sound materials – Nei (Arabic flute) recordings and a digital implementation of a chaotic functions.

Premiered; June 2003, Korzo Theater, The Hague, NL


For a chamber orchestra, a theatrical piece where a lottery draw tells the musicians what notes to play, and keeps them coming again and again to get their notes until they get a bonus and are allowed to sit down…

Premiered; March 2003, Korzo Theater, The Hague, NLPerformance; Soil ensemble conducted by Wim Vos.

THe BoDy

For a Soprano, Recorder, Violin, Percussion, electronics and Video. Arabic Maqamat and Iqa’at (melodic and rhythmical scales) dissected into tiny trills constitute the musical material for this piece, while the text is the beginning of an ongoing poetic project – a poetic encyclopedia of the world

Premiered; Feb. 2002 at Ysbreker, Amsterdam, NL

Feathers & Parachutes

For piano and electronics, a performance piece about nostalgia for war…

Premiered; March 2002, Korzo Theater, The Hague, NLPerformed by Krista Vincent & Tom Tlalim

The Rise and Fall of Mister Wall

For String quartet, a ventilator and tape, especially written for performance in various sitting positions

Premiered; Feb. 2001, Korzo Theater, The Hague, NL


A new music event at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv

in collaboration with Ilan Volkov,
Conductor of the Glasgow BBC Philharmonic
with support of Gaudeamus foundation

Burst the bubble (2007)
The Hague School at Levontin 7 Tel Aviv
In collaboration with Ilan Volkov, Maya Donietz and Roi Shapira

Supported by Gaudeamus foundation and the Dutch Embassy

POW ensemble
Different festivals including Digital Sound Force, POW connect, and POW reflexions. and more.

Participating in the ensemble as a computer musician, composer and vocalist since 2003.

NOISECAPE festival

An annual underground performance and noise festival in The Hague Collaboration with De Garage, Contex and White Space White Noise


Monthly improvisation concerts in The Hague. Collaboration with Gloribel Hernandez

Radio Tonka

A weekly show together with ctrlT

Foundation De Haarde Noot

Foundation for the organization of music events in The Hague - Co-founder and member


The Devil on her MindVideo art by Annie WrightWith the help of Korzo ProductionsPremieredat Adventures festival, Korzo Theater, The hague 2002

Sahara Sprinters Producers; Paula productions for the UK National Geographic Channel, 2000 It’s About Time Video art commissioned by Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2000

Hide ‘n Seek,Producers; Moondog Productions,Winner of the Jack Wolgin prize for best documentary in1998


A jewish history documentary series

Asher Tlalim, 1998Producer; Israel Broadcasting Authority

The StorytellerAyelet Lerrer, 1997Producers; Sam Spiegel Film and Television SchoolWinner of Sam Spiegel’s Best Student Film award, 1997

Don’t Touch My Holocaust


Asher Tlalim, 1994Producers; Set ProductionsWinner of the Israeli Oscars for best documentary 1994And Berlin Film Festival award fro best documentary 1995



A trio with Matt Wright and Keir Neuringer - free improv meets breakbeat science


Sound+Video Duo with Amos Elmalia POW ensemble

A computer ensemble formed by the Dutch Saxophonist and Composer Luc HoutkampParticipating in the ensemble as a computer musician, composer and vocalist since 2003.


an international network of improvising musicians

Performed voice and live electronics in various events and with various people including Improvisers Ensemble, WORM, White Space White Noise, De Garage, Radio Tonka, Electro Monty festival, Sono Ensemble, Noez Trio, TAG, Music Lab Brabant, Stranger than Paranoia festival, Jerusalem international Oud festival, Terza Practica festival, Adventures Festival Guy Harries, Gloribel Hernandez, Keir Neuringer, Richard Barrett, Konrad Boehmer, Juan Parra Cancino, Eyal Street, Jan Truetzschler, Luc Houtkamp, Carlos Alberto Itturalde and more.


Space and sound presentation of the Wii body suit at STEIM, Amsterdam.

The Upgrade! Quantasonic installation, 2007Live electronics workshop at Canterbury Christ Church University, 2006Live electronics Workshop at Trinity College, London, 2005.

SuperCollider workshop at Musrara school of photography, media and new

music. 2004Various music workshops for kids and youth 1995-2002Private Guitar teaching 1991-2002


Artist in residence at STEIM Amsterdam, March 2008
Artist in residence at STEIM Amsterdam, September 2007
The space in between with Michelle Terran at Dance Unlimited / Waag Society, Amstrdam 2007
De Componist, Walter Maashuis, NL 2006/2007
Artist in residence STEIM NL 2006
Composition master class with Steve Reich The Hague, NL (2003)SuperCollider seminar with Alberto de Campo (2003)SuperCollider Workshop with Joel Ryan (2002)Composition seminar with Dick Rijmaakers in Sonology (2002)


AICF Sharet Foundation – 3 scholarship for composition study 2001 - 2005 Royal Conservatory, The Hague - grant for composition study
Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem - honorary mention of music for The Storyteller, a film by Ayelet Lehrer
Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music – study grant
Roxanne Club’s national rock bands competition, Tel Aviv - 1st Prize.