images © Shira Klasmer

Extended Recorder techniques and time-stretched recordings superimposed here on long panoramic images by London-based photographer Shira Klasmer, who captures motion on still photographs, drawing long stretches of film through an open-shutter camera.

Ars Memoria (rec) was written as solo piece for Karolina Bäter, who's uncompromising dedication to revival of the Recorder as a contemporary instrument challenges the traditional view of it as a limited instrument.

Motion, captured on rolls of photographic paper, becomes synonimous here with Recorder sounds. Association and Breath, the essentials, bring them together, suggested meaning. Urban environment is the context for these happenings, as mind renders facets of city surface.

Part of Tlalim's ongoing research into spatial mnemonic systems in context of electroacoustic performance. By superimposing the Recorder with Electronic sound and stretched analog still images, association is produced spontaneously, inviting the listener to play an active role in interpreting these events.

realised with support of steim STEIM


Ars Memoria (rec)
for recorder, tape and still images

Karolina Bäter – Recorder
Shira Klasmer - Photography
Tom Tlalim – Composition / Computer

First presetnation on Sunday, November 25, 16.00hrs at <>TAG, Stille Veerkade 19, Den Haag, During POW reflexions2 festival.

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