p r e s s

Haaretz, Galeria
interview about Concerning Time We Remain, Divided.
by Noam Ben Zeev
IL Sept. 2008

Popular Science magazine
focus about w_space
by Andrew Rosenblum
US feb. 2008

Haaretz, Galeria
interview in Hebrew
by Noam Ben Zeev
IL Jul. 2007

review of a collaboration with the Swiss duo Buttercup Metal Polish, opening for Merzbow and Keiji Haino
cave12 CH Jul. 2008

Classical Source
review of MTK concert
by Josh Meggitt
UK Jan 2006

Financiele Dagblad
interview in Dutch with Luc Houtkamp and myself
NL, Oct. 2004

Achbar Hair
review in Hebrew
IL, Nov. 2003