Walking Through Walls / The New Model City at The Smooth and The Striated

02.07 – 10.08.2010
Exhibition: The Smooth and The Striated at the 3rd international Deleuze Symposium Amsterdam
Works shown:Walking Through Walls and Concerning Time We Remain Divided

15.05 - 01.07.2010
Solo Exhibition: Stroom Ondertussen

01.10.2009 - 01-03-2010
Residency at the Virtual MuseumFree Spaces, Zuidas Amsterdam
Deveopment of film + article Walking Through Walls / The New Model City
with support from Stroom, The Hague, and the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts
with thanks to Henk Heuvelmans

12.02 - 01.05.2010
Exhibition: Walking Through Walls / The New Model City at the Virtual Museum Zuidas
Publication: The New Model City @ Intimate Stories on Absence
Onomatopee #47 ISBN 978-90-78454-40-3

Walking Through Walls / The NEw Model City

04 - 14.06.09
Gaswerk Weimar

Synaesthetic installation / performance at the 90 years Bauhaus jubilee, SYNAE 09 @ Gaswerk Weimar. In collaboration with with Jan Truetzschler v. Fahlkenstein and Mike Rijnierse

article on W_space... on thePopular Science magainze
29.01.09 W_space @ Transmediale 09: A MAZE. JUMP’N RUN: BONUS CHEAT with thanks to MediaLab Prado and pix
2-5.10.08 W_space @ ExperimentaClub, La Casa Encendia
17.09.08 W_space @ avlab 1.0 MediaLab Prado

11.09.08 - 27.11.08 Concerning Time We Remain Divided, a generative sound installation and sculpture @ the 11th Venice Architecture Biennial

30.07.08 Noise performance, GOGuMAGOG, curator irad lee. flyers here & here

BMP+Tlalim L'Usine
15.07.08 Kikuri: Merzbow | Keiji Heino | Buttercup Metal Polish+Tom Tlalim @ cave12 au KAB, Geneva
flyer review

Listen to the set feat. BMP (Nicolas Field + Alexander Babel) on two Drumsets + Tom Tlalim on electronic noise

July-August 08 residency @ Kalush-Chechick Architects on a new installation titled Concerning Time We Remain, Divided... with Liran Chechick

QuantaSonic at TodaysArt 2007 from ct

QuantaSonic pics are online
W_space at the space in between a workshop with michel terran at ahk and de waag are here
09.02.08 into white@Galerie Tacheles
08.02.08 into white@antjeøklesund
07.02.08 into white@schokoladen
24.02.08 tom tlalim | yedo gibson at de burcht leiden
3-16.03.08 W_space... residency at steim
28.03.08 nicolas field robert van heumen tom tlalim @ cave12 geneve (CH)
15.04.08 - 17 premiere of SketchedWorlds - a solo piece at the sketched worlds event, zeebelt theater NL
19.04.08 MTK @ orange street music club canterbury (uk)
19.04.08 sounds new festival @ orange street music club canterbury (uk)
26-27.04.08 premiere of Seed for the Dutch Vocal Lab
19.12.07 STEIM's Year-End concert withstephane Rives, julien Ottavi, arnaud Riviere, tom Tlalim

image © Shira Klasmer

25.11.07 Ars Memoria (rec) @ <>TAG during POW reflexions 2 flyer is here
20.09.07 QuantaSonic at the SuperCollider symposium
21-22.09.07 QuantaSonic @ Today's Art > <>TAG information aesthetics (NL)
24.09.07 W_space... @ STEIM's wii meeting (NL)
24-30.09.07 residency @ STEIM with Karolina Bäter and Shira Klasmer

into white's new album you know it's true released at pit/kit records
02-05.08.07 tour cd release tour

2-5.08.07 into white tour + cd release (IL)
07.07.07 ISFR and LOUD ROOMS at zik group's studio (IL) flyer here
29.07.07 wallpaper mother with Yael Kraus at a voice / electronics concert in Levontin 7 (IL) flyer here
01.06.07 Tap Hop! at Taktlos festival Zurich, CH
15.05.07 + 16.5 LOUD ROOMS@SNDO, Jodenbreestraat 3, Amsterdam flyer here
27.04.07 STEIM@jauna musika, vilnius LT with dj snif, keir neuringer, robert van heumen, atau tanaka.
21.04.07 INTO WHITE at schokoladen, berlin, DE
13.04.07 POW at DEAF, rotterdam NL

Impulse - Stretch - Feedback - Resonance
- a new solo for live electronics

13.3.07 Proeflokaal Kikker, Utrecht
18.01.07 DIYO/SOLO/SCHPRITZ at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv | flyer | press
13.01.07 the upgrade barbur, jerusalem
26.01.07 The Pyramid, Haifa
24.01.07 HATEIVA REWIRE, Yaffo
23.01.07 BLACK SUGAR@Daila, Jerusalem
19.01.07 BLACK SUGAR@Hagada Hasmalit, Tel Aviv

Nov. POW ensemble CD Birdsong from inside the egg is released on X-OR
15.12.06 Tap Hop!@State-X new forms
13.12.06 QuantaSonic@steim's micro jamboree
Dec. into white tour germany / benelux
21.11.06 - Kin at gaudeamus live electronics festival performed by MAE
22.11.06 - Kin at korzo
23.11.06 - Kin at witte dame
25.11.06 - Kin at worm
Nov 06 Gaudeamus Live Electronics Festival Performance Takehisa Kosugi & Steve Reich, + installation by Misha Mengelberg
9-13.11.06 - tap hop! tour poland + czech rep. + meeting bass player rafal mazur.
10.06 Artist residency at STEIM.NL working on QuantaSonic with voldemars johansons.
see q5_demo.
10.06 CE - a 2 min. piece dedicated to Clarence Barlow's 60th birthday
co-curating POW reflex@TAG with Luc Houtkamp
04.06 short compositions for voices and electronics het dierenparadijs with the dutch vocal lab.
03.06 Into White recording in berlin
03.06 tap hop! at the BimHuis with trombonist Joseph Bowie, founder of funk-noise band Defunkt
02.06 - premiere of Kin - a commission by MAE for their programme sound basics see flyer
01.02.06 MTK @ resonance fm's the gLASSsHRiMP
31.01.06 MTK @ cargo-london promoted by spnm

nov - dec - co-organizing POW-connect a concert series at <tag>
04.12.05 - dave krooshof / yutaka makino / robert pravda / tom tlalim
13.11.05 - QuantaSonic + lecture by joel ryan @ POW-connect in <tag>
06.11.05 MTK @ audio art festival krakow
01.10.05 - tap hop @ stedelijk museum
15.09.05 - tap hop @ theater zwembad de regentes
08.09.05 - tap hop @ the night of the unexpected - Paradiso Amsterdam
16.06.05 - MTK celebrate a year at <tag>
06.06.05 - solo @ villa ockenburg. curated by mathis nitschke
28.05.05 - with POW ensemble at paard van troje, The Hague - NL
16.05.05 - MTK at Belfort - FR
13.05.0, 14 - Wallpaper Mother @ Korzo, The Hague
06-07.03.05 - MTK london tour and live on resonance fm
























































































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